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Soil and Crop Analysis                                        




Soil  Analysis



Leaf analysis



Grass and Fodder Analysis



Potato Petiole Analysis



Special Analysis

 Soil Analysis Service
 Analysis of soils makes it possible to identify the availability of the nutrients required by plants to ensure healthy growth and maximum performance.  Different plants need varying amounts of the major nutrients and differ in their susceptibility to trace element deficiency. The  results of the soil analyses are categorised as high, medium or low. Where low corrective action is required guidelines are given to determine the precise fertiliser and trace element requirements.
Leaf Analysis
Provides an accurate assessment of the nutritional status of the crop at the time of sampling. Can be used as a monitoring or diagnostic aid. A basic leaf analysis measures N, P, K and Mg. A broad spectrum analysis includes Ca, S, Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mo and B.
Grass and Fodder Analysis
Full mineral, trace element and feed value assessment in relation to the health and productivity of livestock.
Potato Petiole Analysis
A new potato monitoring scheme based on petiole analysis is now in use. The fourth petiole (or branch) of the potato plant is stripped of it leaves and analysed. Results are compared with well accepted guidelines to create nutrient recommendations with the minimum of delay.
Special Analysis
Nutrient solution and water analysis for users of irrigation water and hydroponic solution. Also Potato Cyst Nematodes counts and fruit/fruitlet analysis.


How to send samples

Samples should be packed in  polythene sample bags (that hold approx 500g) and despatched in addressed  jiffy bags.

Results are returned by 1st class post, fax or email and include interpretation and recommendations


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