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To complement the very successful Kick-Off Fielder has launched four new biostimulant manganese-based seed treatments. These products are true solutions, are safe to germinating seed and  miscible with most simultaneously applied seed treatments. Available in a range of pack sizes for application through static or mobile seed treatment equipment.

Why use a biostimulant seed treatment ?

Young cereal seedlings from emergence to the two leaf stage are reliant on the mother seed as the total energy source until photosynthesis from these leaves takes over. During the germination  period this mother seed is under serious pressure to grow quickly to avoid any major disaster incurred by external factors such as drought, waterlogging, lack of soil contact, panning, attack by pests and diseases and shortage of macro and micronutrients. Once emerged the pressure continues from various new sources - wind, frost, herbicide or grazing. In many situations these crops have ideal conditions to establish quickly but the problem for the farmer is that he will not know this until after the event. Does he gamble with expensive seed applied at quite low seed rates and have a poor plant count or should he sow more and end up with too much vegetative growth at the expense of ear development, and probably spending more on the extra seed than on a nutrient seed additive.

For many farmers there are known problems in some fields or parts of fields where the seed bed  is less than perfect. Variable sowing can help here but every plant needs the maximum  help possible to ensure successful establishment. Adding low levels of key nutrients on the seed coat will ensure at least one set of factors which may impair establishment is eliminated. Doing this will help develop a stronger plant to overcome any other of the aforementioned potential risks. And for as little as 2 per acre.

Contains phosphite Proven biostimulant
Contains phosphate Proven root stimulator
Contains manganese No need for extra manganese
Contains potassium Increases cell wall strength
Contains plant amino acids Proven biostimulants
Increases yield Increased profit
Very safe No impairment to early growth
Proven effects on many crops Customer reassurance
Easy to apply and sow once treated No operator issues
Removes dust from seed Improved operator comfort
Manganese ST  
A true liquid manganese formulated in the sulphate form with well proven properties of seed safety and speedy uptake by the germinating seed. This 15% formulation applied on cereals at 4l/ha provides sufficient manganese to assist in crop establishment and early development in manganese deficient soils. Easy and safe to apply in conjunction with other essential agrochemical seed treatments.


Immediate uptake by germinating seed No manganese nutrient deficiency on sands and peaty soils
Fills the hunger gap before foliars are possible  
Avoids the need for very early foliars Removes risk of early post-em application in poor conditions
Insurance Sleep easy at night
Cheap 2/ acre Keeps the cost down
Manganese Duo (manganese + copper - 10% Mn + 1% Cu)
Manganese Duo (manganese + zinc - 12% Mn + 0.5% Zn)

Based on manganese sulphate but including copper or zinc for additional benefits where soils may be low in these nutrients. Copper deficiencies often occur in the sandy peaty soils which are also low in manganese. Zinc is again vital in helping early root development.

Manganese Trio (manganese + copper + zinc - 10% Mn +1% Cu +0.5% Zn)
The Rolls Royce manganese product containing  all three nutrients. The lower percentage of manganese is necessary to accommodate both copper and zinc and to maintain levels available to the seed the application rate for cereals is increased to 5l/tonne


All the above points for Manganese ST apply  
Added zinc Prevents early leaf chlorosis. Zinc is vital for vigorous root development -hence better establishment and stronger plants
Added copper Copper deficient soils usually linked to manganese deficient soils
Extra cost - 50p/acre No brainer!

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