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Fielder Humic Acid

Humic acid and fulvic acid are the final breakdown products of natural decay of plant and animal material. Fielder Humic Acid provides a concentrated dose of essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements including N, P, K, Ca, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Co, S, B, I, If applied in conjunction with fungicides and nutrient products they act as a chelating agent improving uptake and utilisation.

In the plant they stimulate plant enzymes and act as a catalyst for many biological processes. Hence growth is increased by accelerating cell division, chlorophyll development is promoted aiding photosynthesis and natural resistance to pests and diseases is enhanced.

Fielder Amino Acid Complex

A natural biostimulant derived from molasses and vegetable materials. Fielder Amino Acid contains 19 amino acids which are vital to all plant processes such as photosynthesis, nitrogen uptake, protein and carbohydrate synthesis. Applied at 1-3 litres/ha and tank miscible with most agrochemicals and foliar nutrients.

Stretchur N

A phased release nitrogen consisting of urea polymers of varying lengths to release nitrogen more efficiently than ammonium nitrate and provide the plant with a continuous supply to convert into plant protein. The product contains 28% N and is applied at 10-20 litres/ha.

In trials on maize at Harper Adams Stretchur N has produced a 7% increase in digestible yield.

Slicker (silicon +potassium)

Silphite (silicon + phosphite)

Both of these products are based on silica which is well known for increasing cell wall toughness and thus increasing standing ability and resisting penetration by sucking insects and fungal hyphae. It also helps regulate transpiration and water loss. Work in cereals has shown 0.4tonnes/ha yield responses. In conjunction with potassium heat and drought stress are reduced and frost resistance is increased. With phosphite root development is enhanced.





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