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Oilseed Rape Deficiencies

Where Boron is deficient, cell division does not proceed normally. As a result there is an effect on the growing points where tissues become distorted and die. This can lead to a loss of apical dominance, development of side shoots  and a bushy appearance. Deficiency can also affect pollination and seed set.


First symptoms are yellowing which starts at the leaf tips and margins. The whole leaf eventually becomes chlorotic and curls at the margins before these areas eventually die. This can then  lead to premature defoliation. Leaves on magnesium deficient plants can  develop a  reddish colouring that spreads from the leaf margins.




Good contact between root and soil is important for manganese uptake and poor consolidation can result in deficiency. In oilseed rape the first symptom is interveinal yellowing that occurs in the older leaves, particularly near the margins. This can be confused with magnesium deficiency although this often shows some reddening of the leaf.



Correct diagnosis of sulphur deficiency early in the season is important as oilseed rape can be especially sensitive to inadequate supplies of sulphur with significant yield loss. First deficiency symptoms often occur in the autumn and are visible as leaf yellowing that starts at the leaf edge. Another very distinct symptom is the occurence of small, pale coloured petals during flowering.



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