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Agricultural Products


Fielder has developed a wide range of quality nutrients for all agricultural crops. Products are formulated to a high specification to ensure good solubility, good efficacy and the ability to tank mix successfully with pesticides. Products are available as liquids and wettable powders, in a wide range of formulations including sulphates, nitrates and carbonates. Pack sizes range from small (1 litre) to mini bulk (1,000 litres) to suit both the large and small grower.





Horticultural Products



Fielder has an extensive range of nutrients for the grower of horticultural crops. Products have been formulated to a very high standard to ensure crops are supplied with nutrients quickly and safely. Included in the range are the Fighter phosphites which have achieved phenomenal success in crops ranging from lettuce to onions and brassicas. There are also products approved for use by organic growers and a range of soluble feeds for the grower who feeds through an aqueous medium.



Amenity Products



Fielder has a highly successful range of nutrients for the professional turf carers. Manufactured to very high specifications to ensure easy and safe application, the products have good tank mix properties important for joint applications with pesticides. Slow and quick release feeders form the backbone of the range which can be supplied in 10 litre or bulk, 1000 litre containers. There are also several iron formulations and products for followers of the organic approach.




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